About me

About me

Hello there! I'm Marcin!

I am Computer Science student from Lodz, Poland. On this blog I document some of stuff I develop with a hope that someone can get value from it. I’m just a normal guy who happened to put his thoughts into the internet. I don’t consider myself an expert and neither should you (yet!). 🙂


And I love Flutter <3

What I do?

I study

I am pursuing Master degree in CS on Lodz Univeristy of Technology. My major is Artificial Inteligence and Software Engineering.

I code

I love to code for myself. I am currently involved in a few projects. Most of them can be found on my github page.

I blog

I try to share what I do. On my blog you can find walkthroughs of things I programmed, tutorials and my personal thoughts.

What I did?

Bachelor in CS

I graduated in Computer Science studies at Lodz University of Technology in 2018.

Android development

I have worked as an Android developer in Abastra for 1.5 year.

Back-end development

I have worked as a Java developer in Scope Solutions for half of year.

Front-end development

I have worked as an Angular intern in Scope Solutions for 2 months.

Machine learning

I have explored some machine learning algorithms including my final thesis  "Neural network application for robot control".

How to find me?

How to reach me?

Best way is to email me marcin.szalek1@gmail.com. I try to answer every email 🙂