Work with me

Work with me

I am providing mobile development services for businesses and individuals in Flutter framework including:

Mobile app development

Have an app idea and want to make it happen? I can help you with that and provide nice and solid mobile app for iOS and Android.

B2B Flutter engineering

Need Flutter developer for continuous cooperation? I am open to work on B2B rules for user-focused software companies. 

Flutter widget development

Have a problem with a particular Widget? Why not outsource it!
I can provide pleasant, functional and tested widgets for your app.

Dedicated posts on my blog

Want to see some in-depth walk-throughs or tutorials on my blog? I would gladly write about any Flutter related topic on demand. 

Why me?

Years of mobile experience
Successfully released apps
Months of Flutter experience
Technical blog posts


Mobile development is my passion which I try to develop via this blog. I am eager to continue working in Flutter technology and keep improving my skills at it.

Extreme Ownership

I take responsibility on everything that affects me. I don’t let things pass by, I care about every detail of my work to deliver high quality products with end user in mind.


I believe in full transparency between parts of a deal. I like to say things like they are and I’d rather deal with hard truth than drift in sweet lies.

Want to work with me?

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